Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I like the idea of seasons.  I think I started a post about my thoughts around seasons awhile back and never got around to finishing it.  But, I'm thinking about it again as we head into a new season.  One involving kindergarten and hunting, as we say prepare to say goodbye to beach days and our garden.  Ian was hunting this past weekend, so we all invaded the Muirhead farm for fun.  I'm glad the library fits into all seasons of life, because I loved checking out a new to me library and walked away with a ridiculous number of books.  Somehow, we got out of the regular rhythm of reading during the summer. I felt like they forgot how much they used to enjoy sitting through several books.  But, they stayed with Grandpa for this book about fishing, that I picked up with this moment in mind...
...and it actually happened!

I didn't take any pictures of the mighty hunter.  There was no animal to "show off" (I'd obviously never make a hunter.  I think I shivered typing that.)  But, he assures me his first archery hunting weekend was a huge success because he learned so much and had so much fun.  I also got to do my first geocache with the family.  A pretty easy location to find, but they cache was super hidden on that tractor and I finally had to decifer the little clue.

Anyhow, back from a lovely weekend and feeling a little behind with life here.  We were almost late to get Kellen to his first day of Kindergarten.  His muffin for snack was super warm when I packed it for him on the way out the door!  I was feeling so last minute this morning, as I was still trying to unpack from the weekend and get organized.  I'll give myself a break though, his bag loaded with his supply list has been ready for a couple of weeks now.

Plus, today I was dealing with Neve's sleep issues.  I have found with all my babies, there is a wonderful season of easy-peasy sleep before teething.  Then I get to THE point where I decide it's time to reclaim some of my time and show them they can fall asleep on their own.  So, I listened to her cry for 45 minutes this morning for her nap, as I popped in once in a while to give her a pat.  She didn't get too worked up.  This afternoon, it was less crying and only 10 minutes to fall asleep.  Tonight?  I kind of caved.  She sounded so horrible as she screamed, so I picked her up and cuddled her until she calmed down.  Laid her back down and she screamed her shrill scream, so I held her hand and she quickly calmed down and fell asleep.  Yikes, maybe I'm going to just get sucked in to sitting there and holding her hand instead of nursing or walking her.  I figure its a step in the right direction anyhow(?). Not that it's that interesting to write about baby's sleep issues, but it so easily consumes my time, my day, my plans, and it seems my life when its bad.  I'm hoping I'll have a better sleeper soon.

So, I KNOW we are heading into fall, school, and hunting season, which changes the rhythm around here.  I'm HOPING we are heading into a season of sleep!! 

Tomorrow I am going apple picking with a friend in the morning and meeting a friend at her beach for the afternoon.  I'm feeling like we are in the inbetween of seasons right now.  Makes me feel reflective, as I think about what is behind us and what changes and rhythms of coming.  I like it.


Sarina said...

I hope Kellen had a good first few days of kindergarten! Praying you will get some precious sleep soon too... Hope to see you guys this fall!

jenn with two n's said...

Yes, Sleep is precious! I am grateful I work in the afternoons when we have had an iffy night. Yay Kellen and kindergarten. Hope he had a great start!