Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Beauty Randomness

We have not been hiding out mourning the end of summer here.  Oh, no.  Its go, go everyday. Pretty easy to get out and enjoy the fall colors in weather like this, so crazy warm it is.   We are trying to take full advantage of it anyhow.

We've enjoyed playing at the park with cousins.
 We've found ways to entertain the middle child while big brother is at school and little sister is sleeping.  Her ballet video is always an exciting choice and its very important to get dressed up for it.  If she disappears, I usually find her in the backyard on the swing.  She is SO proud she can pump herself!
We got busy and brought in the garden before the one big frost we had.  The kids giggled over the funny shape of some of the squash.  I was thrilled at how many we did find hiding back there.

 We've been testing out several butternut squash soup recipes.  Good, but still looking for the perfect one.  Next in the lineup, a butternut ginger soup.  Also enjoying lots of tomato goodness.  They are ripening faster than I expected and I need to quickly get ready to make some salsa and pasta sauce!
 I've tried to take back some control of the house that seemed to disappear over the summer.  When the craft cupboard doors wouldn't close anymore, I finally found the motivation to help fix this space in a hopefully more permanent way.  They each have their own box in here, which I'm going to get them to decorate for easy identification.  Instead of a free for all with all the supplies, they are now only allowed to get their own box with a smaller assortment of their favorites.  Almost a week later, and the system is working beautifully.  Except when Lanelle got into the glue drawer without permission and used a whole bottle of tacky glue on her body.  She was a mess, but the cupboard was still perfect :)  If I'd thought to take a before picture of the paper explosion in this space, you'd really appreciate the after!
 We are all happy the library program is happening again every Friday.  And, is it ever happening!  Angela is awesome, so its no surprise the attendance is steadily climbing!
 Neve is the only one I can seem to get lots of fall pictures of at the park.  Mostly I have the backs of the older two running away.
 Angela and I loved taking the 3 little girls to the park this morning after school drop off for the older kids.  So fun how we both wandered around taking pictures of the gorgeous morning.  So glad she asked us to go with her!
 Ian said these are Sandhill Cranes that we saw on the way to the farm.  He was in a super hurry to get there to scout out where he planned to hunt early in the morning.  So, we didn't stay long, but the kids loved to check out the birds with the binoculars.
 We almost had to stop until the sun went down.  It was as impossible to see as it appears in the picture. He perservered (like I said, he was motivated!)
 And, we had as much fun as you can imagine on our day at the farm with the cousins!  The older they get the more fun it is to see them get excited about being together.  Many more adventure pictures to come of our day there, it was so fabulous!

 I'm just loving these beautiful outdoor fall moments.  I was thinking about what a freeing feeling it is just to be outside and appreciating it so much, cause i remember how long winter can feel sometimes.
 While I don't find it so lovely, Lanelle was loving the feeling of sand on her body, even pouring it down her shirt.  Too funny!
Sorry for the randomness, but if i tried to get organized, I might have never accomplished anything here.  Hope you are busy having a fabulous fall!

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