Sunday, November 07, 2010

City Adventure

I've become a super homebody, but yesterday going to the city sounded like fun. With plans to go to the 3D Hubble Imax show we were bouncing out the door. I just about ignored the phone, but ran back up the stairs to grab it. Ian was calling to say his deer hunt was a quick success and he was already on his way home. So he was able to meet us in the parking lot with 10 minutes to spare. I'm glad he was there to giggle with me as we watched Kellen repeatedly try to grab those stars that kept coming at him!

I didn't feel the need to get home to help skin the deer, so the 3 of us enjoyed exploring some new trails.Kellen begged to take some pictures and I'm glad I said yes. I will definately have to do it more often. I might actually get to be in some pictures! I also found it super fun to see what all he had taken pictures of - piles of leaves, close ups of the trail, lots of trees, bark, bushes, and he even got a super good one of his sister telling stories while she walked! I cancelled all my plans for shopping and we went crazy at a library instead! I thought for sure they'd tell me I was over my limit as I plunked the huge pile down. Not only books, but a pile of DVDs and CDs (such a novelty that we don't have access to at the little Fort library!)

I usually complain about going to the city. Without an attempt at errands or shopping, it was a great place to go on an adventure!


Angela said...

you'll have to tell me where these trails are! Looks like so much fun. Thanks also for the super idea of a preschool reading time. We will make it happen for sure!

Anonymous said...

Cool. You got some beautiful pictures too!

jenn with two n's said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I was thinking that "just the four of us" for the trails would work too--you look great.