Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More of Kellen...

I heard Kellen suddenly wailing this morning and found him in the swing. He'd turned it on, climbed in, and closed the tray - trapping himself in the swinging swing. It's been hard to get him to leave the swing alone and I always shut the tray since he doesn't know how to open it. But I think this was the best idea to get him to leave it alone - he taught himself the lesson. He was not impressed with being stuck in there. I hope that's the end of the swing battle.
Last week Ian was working in Estevan so we all went and invaded Bill & Mary's (Thanks!) It was a great holiday for us, maybe not so much for Ian. It was nice to see him in the evening for a change. Kellen enjoyed lots of outdoor time with Grandpa and even some fishing. He was especially excited about the "BIG TRUCK" that Daddy drove home every night. Kellen has also added Jenny (the dog) to his list of things to be thankful for that he says every night.

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