Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the other Janet

...not just the Mommy Janet who only seems to blog about the kids.

Just had to share what I heard about it the sermon on Sunday. The speaker told a story about a discussion in a small group after reading a scripture about God delighting in his people. Only 1 person in the group was able to feel good about that. The others all felt that God wouldn't really delight in them. I had a moment where I realized I would also be in the majority there and I understood why that impacts my life so much. It's easy to say that I know that God loves me, but if I truly felt it I would be able to say that he delights in me. Like I delight in my children. How can I reflect God's love if I don't really get that He would love me and delight in me? So here is my poll (post anonymously if you like). Do you really feel that God delights in you?


Anonymous said...

I love it when we discover that others are thinking the same things! I've been listening to speakers from ACU Lectureships (Thanks to Uncle Robert)and one told the story that young people at a Christian University (I think it was}, were asked what they thought God would say to them right now, and most thought he'd say something like, "I'm so disappointed in you!"
I'll admit that I am surprised to hear a lack of confidence in these "studies", because we do talk about God's love all the time
What about me? I think God is smiling at me - maybe he even laughs with me in my on-going attempts to "Get it right"
Another thing I was thinking after you and the kids were here is that God, the father of all love, doesn't just love us the way we love our kids, He loves us with the same acceptance and enthusiasm that they love us.
Cool eh?
From your admiring mother-in-law

Anonymous said...

You know the joy of watching your kids discover, and knowing how much more they have to learn, even when they feel like they already know everything ( ask Diane about Xavier) . I think God must see us that way. He already knows we're imperfect, but we don't throw the kids away just because they don't know everything, or even because they are wrong and think they are right. I'm sure he frequently finds us frustrating, but every once in a while, there is that "Eureka" moment, and just for a bit we catch on, and that is a joy time too. I think maybe he can enjoy it even more, because he knows and understands us even better that we know and understand ourselves. But it still gives us so much to live up to.