Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catching up

I guess it's about time I catch up. Well, that probably won't really happen, but I'll say hi. We've been busy mostly with fun stuff - the beach, the playground, the backyard... Here are some pictures from the beginning of June. We visited the Bell farm for a week - arrived early and surprised Grandma for her birthday. Kellen and I found some of Uncle Tim's old trucks - which was probably the highlight of his week. The rest of that week flew by as has the rest of the month. This morning was the Wood Tick Festival at the school - which was amazing. I was very impressed with it - so much to do we never did see it all. Kellen was obsessed with the big blow up slide for a long time and we kind of got stuck there. I think he will sleep all afternoon now. We are siding the house this weekend, and doing some painting, and hopefully getting a new step. Hope your long weekend will be more fun than ours. I'll try not to think of all the people who will be enjoying a canoe trip.


Anonymous said...

A wood tick festival??? haha- that totally cracks me up. Glad to hear it was a good time though.

Diane said...

So cute. They are really precious.

Davis Family said...

I can't get over the wood tick festival either! Whoo fun.
Kellen sure looks a little man with his hair cut. He is growing up fast!

Anonymous said...

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