Monday, July 07, 2008

The kiddos

I see Kellen and Lanelle enjoying each other a lot lately and it makes me so happy. Kellen really likes holding her and does a pretty good job - although he has to be reminded not to give a choke hold. It's usually pretty short lived - and he says "too heavy, Mom!"

In their car seats they are often "talking" to each other. Amazing how much fun they have just with sounds. Kellen thinks it's so funny when she makes noises and I think his laughing and expressions keep her talking.
Lanelle is growing up so fast. She's so strong with her neck now and rolls around lots. She loves sitting in the bumbo chair and watching everything that's going on. She's usually happy unless she gets left alone for a minute. I love her personality and the way she smiles so quickly for anyone.

Kellen is such a fruit monster. He's always sneaking outside and into the strawberry patch. The other day he devoured half a mango before I caught him. He is loving summer and being outside and I'm used to him being really dirty all the time! He still takes time to read lots of books. We're enjoying the library a lot these days. His new favorite is about The Moose in the Garden!

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jenn with two n's said...

I love the pics and hearing about Kellen and Lanelle's personalities. Fruit montster! Love it!