Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here's some randoms from my life. It is 1:30 am so I am not planning on this being orderly or thought out at all.
  • Loved going to Medora, ND. Especially seeing a bestest friend, Sarah and her family.
  • Don't forget your birth certificates or passorts when travelling to the States.
  • I have an amazing husband. We were already at his parents Friday night so we would only have to travel 4 hours to Medora on Saturday morning. At midnight when we realized the big mistake, he set the alarm for 4am and drove all the way home to get the needed ID.
  • Have I mentioned or have you heard that we bought a bigger house. Doesn't feel real yet. I'll get excited when our house sells. It is so hard to be patient.
  • The new house is just a few blocks away. It has a dishwasher and fenced yard - that's all I needed.
  • I still worry and wonder if buying a bigger house is what we should be doing. (Ian would roll his eyes if he were reading this.)
  • Obviously we are planning to stay in this town for a long time. It really feels like home now and I love it more all the time.
  • I am loving the Memory Manager program from Creative Memories. I have stayed up way too late tonight, but I have a significant portion of my pictures organized now.
  • I had a lot of fun helping out at the Gravelbourg VBS this week. I got called in to run the Games station at the last minute. It was great material - my job was a breeze even with no planning ahead on my part.
  • I'm so tired, that's all I got.


Ian said...

Are you going to put up some pictures of your new digs?

Craig & Leah in Korea said...

you're moving into a bigger house? CONGRATS! i sure hope you guys have a picnic table in the backyard of your new place...maybe this time we'll be able to stop by for a visit! when do you get it?