Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks Clevelands and House Thoughts

Made me happy to look at these pictures again. So familar to see Sarah and I in pictures together, I have many from our York days. How strange to see us with all these kids in the picture too. Wish I could see you more often, Sarah! I love good friends.

Another strange picture to see - Kellen playing with Barbies. First time I've seen that.

I am up late cause I watched a stupid crime show. I don't want to go to bed cause I know it will keep bugging me. I vow to NEVER watch one again. Well, at least not when I'm home alone.

As to the request for new house pictures. I have none. You'll have to wait until September, as I am. I have not even wandered by that way to take a peek at it again. Maybe I'm in denial. As nice as it will be to have 1300 vs. 800 square feet, a dishwasher, fenced yard, and separate bedrooms for the kids - I am having a hard time thinking about leaving my home. I'm hoping that our house sells and the move goes smoothly and I can relax and enjoy making it our new home. If our house doesn't sell, and things are REALLY slow right now, I'm going to try be okay with that. Maybe we will learn a few lessons, perhaps about really budgeting. Maybe we need to be able to rent it to some people who really need a place. Maybe I need to learn to relax and trust more. I'll be patient.

Here's the kid update:

Kellen is still not working with me on the potty training. Today he took off his diaper and peed on the floor. In most other ways he has been listening very well. The other day he wouldn't leave the park when it was time to go. I told him if he listened now we would come back to the park after lunch. I counted to five (the magic number) and he didn't move. No park for the rest of the day. Now when I get to three he says "otay, mom" and quickly does what he's told. I count for a lot of things. He corrected me tonight when I called the baby Lanelle. No, mom Baby Nell. I asked, isn't her real name Lanelle. NO!

Lanelle is always full of smiles. And, she's making lots of cute noises, she eats very often, she poops lots - all the usual baby stuff. She's not sleeping very well lately - naps or nights, which I suppose is also usual. She's rolling lots both ways now - I guess that's the newest thing in her world. Lucky for her, she doesn't have to do much to be considered cute. She's considered cute and loved to pieces just because she is.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to Medora. We loved hanging out with your family sooo much! Can't wait until we see you again!