Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Christmas Memories

It was such a beautiful Christmas Eve morning, we ventured out with the troops for a walk down the lane...

...and some great tobogganing. Enjoyed by most - although Lanelle and Ayden were done with that adventure quite quickly.
They were soon ready for a warm up...
and for Christmas present opening!
Both my kids got spoiled. Kellen has been obsessed with his Star Wars Lego (which means I have spent too much time rebuilding it for him) and Lanelle will spend hours "cutting" her wooden fruit.
Lots of great memories at the Bell farm. The kids really didn't want to leave and shed many tears over the separation from their cousins as we buckled into the car and drove away. The only thing that stopped them was the news that we were on our way to the Koops' to continue Christmas that evening!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!! We are missing you guys and thinking of you as you wait! I love that our kids have soooo much fun together- that just makes the holidays extra great!

Angela said...

that tree totally rocks! Also I'm laughing at how I can pick out Kellen in the pictures because I know what he looks like in his snow clothes!!