Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I got no title.

Here's just some random pictures to update you on are same old lives. The days role by so fast with so much of the same...diaper changes, nursing, breakfast, cleaning up, play, nursing, lunch, cleaning up, diaper changes, nap, nursing, making supper, playing outside, supper, nursing cleaning up, reading books, bath, bedtime. I am thankful there's enough special moments in there to make it all worth it. I loved hearing Kellen say "Baby Nell. Read book. Peter...." He decided on his own to sit down and read her his book about Peter. And she did seem interested. She already smiles when she sees him. We get in enough play dates where I get adult conversation that I keep sane. Mostly he hangs out with older girls and they put up with him amazingly well! I need to run, we are off to Moose Jaw to hang out with Julia and Jedd for the afternoon...WOOHOO! I guess the days fly by not only because of the same old routine, we seem to stay busy enough!
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Laurie said...

I know how the days disappear! I hear ya!

the pic of Linelle is sooo cute!!

Sorry about the "mix up" the other day. I do hope to have you over sometime!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Lanelle's smile is so sweet in that picture Janet! She is looking older all the time. Hope you guys are doing well!