Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Between the lines.

haha!  I noticed I had a drafted blog that I'd never published.  Perhaps I was so tired I thought I should reread later before deciding to publish or not.  It does make me think about the battles I engage in - trying to see the sunny thankful side of life even when there's some real struggles to complain about.  Not sure if I managed to keep my thumbs up that groggy December day...It must have been okay though, I can't recall this particular day.

What a relaxing day we are having here.  (Read: Confession, the kids have been watching too much backyardigans.)  It was so beautiful to sit under my wool blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee early this morning. (Read: the baby got up way too early and I had to struggle to open my eyes while she played around on the floor)  I decided we would not be hard on ourselves today.  (Read:  I haven't been getting enough sleep and have reached a point of complete exhaustion.  She was up repeatedly for long periods of time.)  We will let the day unfold as it will, and not give thought to any to-do list or goals.  (Read:  I will attempt to keep guilt out, although likely there will be some, in which I accuse myself of being lazy)  We will count blessings today, no matter how small they are and we will smile. (Read:  The only plan I have for the day, is to not get discouraged, because, remember, I am severely sleep deprived.)  I will remember Johnny Breggers Two Thumbs Up that I listened to with Neve so early this morning. 

I know its early
But I'm awake
I've got to get up and
start my day.
I hear birds singing
and now I'm singing too.
Oh, what'll I do?
I've got two thumbs up today
and that's exactly how
I want it to stay.

Yep, just keeping my thumbs up today.  And that's okay.

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