Saturday, April 28, 2012


This week, I found myself appreciating some definites in my life.  I also noticed some things that are changing, raising my awareness of some new questions and pondering.  My favorite definite - we have a real, for sure, exciting possession date.  We know we can start moving May 26th.  We know we have renters for June 15th and we know we like them and it will be a good arrangement.  I am being filled with motivation to pack boxes:)

And, I am thankful I mentioned that need for boxes at knitting club this morning, because I was lent a great big stack of needed boxes.  While listening to the chatter of the wonderful group of ladies this morning, I was thinking, this is definitely one of my favorite times of the week.  I relax, knit, and get away from the 3 little wonders demanding my attention!  There are 3 of us with plans to meet with an experienced carder to learn this first step to spinning our own yarn! This morning I also appreciated the wisdom of lives lived beautifully, even through challenges.  I heard about breast cancer and saying goodbye to kids leaving home.  I was reminded of how much is going on around me in others lives.  I was encouraged to be wholly grateful for this blessed and beautiful and messy life.  So much grace, I saw in others this morning.

A coworker stepped into my office one afternoon, laughing about needing to get away from the "youth" conversations in her shared office.  And, for a fleeting moment, I was bitterly aware that I am no where near the new young one in the office anymore and I had to ask myself, "am I middle-aged?"  Well, I'm not sure what middle-aged is considered.  But this moment, led me to being way more aware of my age for the rest of the week.  Oh my, I am soon not going to be the young mom with babies!  Before I know it, I will be the mom of school aged kids.  These little "age" thoughts that kept popping up this week made me realize this journey has been steadily moving along.

These little people just keep on growing and learning new things.  This morning Kellen helped make breakfast, I did the pancakes and he made smoothies all by himself, and he was so proud.


Oh, Nevey, still a babe, but the language changes are happening so quickly and the demand to be independent is loudly insisted. 

I am definitely thankful for the gift of growth I see and feel as I think about these rapidly moving years.  I believe God has opened my eyes to see the crazy, amazing blessings in my life and is shaping and changing me.  Such an amazing gift this journey of life is, definitely.  Don't you think?

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Sarina said...

What an exciting (and busy) time it must be for you guys, as you plan your move! I am glad you are living with eyes wide open as you experience this journey called is true that things change so quickly, especially when it comes to kids. Praying for you in this time of transition!