Saturday, May 05, 2012

Beautiful Promises

I'm listening to Ian read a bedtime story to the kids in an:  Australian accent, sing song voice, unidentified accent, loud singing...  Which is why the kids often ask me to read to them.  Getting them to agree to Ian reading involves some promising involving the phrase "normal voice."  This promise is always broken.  In good fun.

Kellen asked on the way home from our bike ride to the beach, why would God kill the baby bird?  I told him, as we looked at the little blue crushed egg on the sidewalk, that it was an accident, that the wind maybe made the egg fall out of its nest.  Well, God did it then, he told me, because God controls the wind.  So, I decided to be honest and tell him its hard for me to understand all the time, but I promised him that God is good and God loves us and He's there all the time, and maybe when he's older he'll be able to understand (or accept) how with such a good God there are bad things that happen.

Its good to have time to just be these days and breathe quietly at the beach, because stressful feeling are building.  The crazy busy time is approaching rapidly.  I told Ian its time to get into panic mode, staying up late and getting things done already.  Part of the stress in knowing how much work is coming up during this transition but at times it feels like more than that too.  I feel I'm second guessing myself and then I realize my faith in the One who has been leading us and who holds the future is seeming blurry.  So I remind myself to trust.  See the little promises. 

A phone call from a new friend and finding out what close neighbours we'll be and I feel excitement about the commonalities and the support. 

Snow waiting for us to take him home.

The kids love to visit him.  Kellen wanted to scrapbook pictures of Snow today, so I helped him on the digital scrapbook program put in a picture, and typed in the story he told me of his "new best friend."  Beautiful.

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Jen Mooney said...

I remember always thinking that Justin would be so much better at reading stories to our kids (if we ever had them) so I thought it kind of funny that once he could be Mr. Entertaining, Caden used to always beg Justin to use his "normal" voice too or ask me to read to him. I had to laugh about the similar story - and I'm certainly not surprised!