Sunday, May 27, 2012


So, we have the keys.  After a bit of craziness on Friday, and a stuttering possession time, we got in.  I decided on my paint colors, ran to the city and Ian and I started the long evening of painting.  And, we got up early and painted ALL day. So thankful for the help of family and friends, with painting and kids. Auntie Andrea is *Super Auntie*!! This morning, Ian finished the last of what we wanted to paint before moving in!  Woohoo!  Now just to finish up the packing and be ready for the UHaul Saturday morning.

The forest green in now my favorite olive green.  Love it.  I nailed that color choice.  And the yellow you see...well, I chose Hampton Green, which appeared to be a perfectly green toned beige that I was so sure about.  Not so much.  I found out it was actually Hampton Yellow, with an alias. Aghh.  I could have stopped painting once I was concerned, but I figured it would change as it dried. Then I thought it will change with the second coat.  Yeah, not so much. Hampton Green??! Pffft.  Well, life goes on, I'll get over it.

It's getting so exciting.  After feeling so overwhelmed on Friday, then having so much help and being at the point we are at tonight - well, I feel so hopeful that I won't lose my sanity during this moving and settling process.  I am so blessed.  Must go pack....


Sarina said...

Yay! Glad to hear you got possession AND got so much painting done! Your new house looks wonderful - so wide open with lots of natural light. Can't wait to come visit! ; ) Good luck with packing and the rest of your move.

Angela said...

Yipee!! so happy for you and color is the least expensive reno, so you can always change it later if you really can't stand it!