Monday, March 12, 2012

these days

These warm days are changing our usual and giving us some new experiences.  They make us treasure wintery moments just a little more, because we know they are rapidly disappearing.
 :: These days are for a new first.  Walking on a sidewalk with pride written all over her face.
 :: an early Sunday morning ski before the snow is too warm.  Love the early morning light.  Such a different auditory experience skiing on this icy snow - crunch, crackle... especially comparing it to last weekends super soft fresh snow.  It's not something I get much sympathy about, my being sad about this winter ending, but I'm not quite ready for the skiing to be over...  So, I took the time to stop and take pictures and appreciate it all.

 :: Wondering what they are doing and how do I walk on this slippery stuff.  Oh, the snowman making joy!

 :: and finding the warmest, sunniest spot in the yard to watch the snowman making.
 So warm today, there was soccer on the driveway with Dad after work.  And a walk to DQ to celebrate a good dentist visit (ha, i love the irony of that).  I was sure Kellen must have cavities but they say he's great, it's just his enamel that doesn't look so hot.  Super relieved.  Thankful for so many good things these days.

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