Tuesday, March 06, 2012

something special

I think since being back at work, we might have even done more special things together than when I was at home all day with the trio.  Well, that's probably not true, but with the routine of choosing something special after supper together, its seems like a more marked or memorable moment of the day.  Pop 'N Hop is always a favorite (but everyone has to be in a good mood before we start, or it always ends badly with someone crying about getting bumped back or *gasp* losing!)
 Simple experiments have become popular around here.  Mixing colors, predicting what will happen, so fun.
 Mixing flour and water and coloring to make a "finger paint" was one of those over-the-moon-excited times.

 Because who doesn't want to paint the bathtub and themselves before bathtime?  okay, not me particularly, but their excited chatter and howls kind of made me think about it ;)
The pressure is on now though, Kellen is starting to ask - what's something special we can do tonight?

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