Friday, March 16, 2012

hello Friday!

I am so in love with Fridays.  Wake up a little slower, make pancakes, go to story time at the library, just hang out with the kids. 

Today we went to the park after the library with Angela (and I had made a quick dash to the coffee shop to fill my travel mug, mmm!).  The kids were playing awesome and it was so beautiful outside.  Of course, water started filling the rubber boots.  Oh, well.  Then as we were about to leave, Kellen got stuck in the swishy mud.  Up to the top of his boots and he was stuck.  I loved it.  Isn't that like a rite of passage all kids must go through?  He ended up finally getting out, with tears and only one boot.  I had Neve in the wrap and couldn't retrieve it.  I told him it was almost lunch and when Dad was home, I'd come back with rubber boots on and retrieve it, but he was so sad.  Angela saved the day and got it out.  It was so heavy with mud and wet inside, plus his foot full of mud, he ended up walking home barefoot.  Hehe!  Such a fun memory.  Angela had her camera, so she'll have to hook me up...

Neve had a long nap.  The kids road bikes in the bay.

So happy Neve was when she woke up,and it was so gorgeous out, we all went for a walk/ride.  I can't believe the pictures I took just on Sunday with so much snow, and it disappeared so fast!

Ian took the kids to the city to go to a movie, the chipmunk one.  Oh, I kind of felt like I was missing out.  But, its nice to stay home and put Neve to bed. Maybe she would have been fine to tag along, but maybe not and I just didn't want to find out.  And, I have to say I have loved every minute of peace I've had.  I been having a wild and crazy night.

...organizing my yarn stash and documenting it in ravelry so I can make my plans for all I've accumulated.  I'll be knitting for years with what I have.  Please slap me if you ever here me talk about buying more.  Hope you've enjoyed this beautiful Friday!

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I just love reading you adventures...thank you for sharing :) crystal