Thursday, February 02, 2012

zero degrees

On a January winter day in Sasktachewan, I don't know why we wouldn't take full advantage of a zero degree day.  We get our hot chocolate ready.  Because this girl would be horrified to not have her special drink on a winter outing.
 We get our skis and the chariot ready.  We marvel at the amazing sun and its beauty in this white wintery scene.

 We take good care of the passengers of the chariot.  Making sure the littlest one is comfortable, because she always falls asleep within minutes.  And that the bigger one has snacks to go.

We are a little sad when the truck comes into view after the last corner and the adventure is over, for today.


Anonymous said...

What a fun adventure! Looking forward to seeing you at Ladies Retreat...I will bring my knitting:) Crystal

Sarina said...

It was so good to see you all yesterday and make some fun memories! Cross country skiing with 3 kids must be quite a workout, but how fun for everyone!