Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sitting here in peace (finally) and enjoying fresh, warm banana chocolate chip walnut muffin(s).  Thankful for another perfectly beautiful day.  Thankful for a last minute phone call to adventure to the beach.  Lanelle almost refused to go when I told her that "no, we will not be swimming!"

Neve, the big 1 year old walking girl now, walked on her knees (that bulky marshmallow suit is really hard to walk in) over to her big sister at the swings.  I loved seeing how patient and determined she was to get there by herself.

Love watching her during this stage of so many changes.  Not necessarily enjoying how she is learning to assert her will very loudly.  Or how she is refusing to sleep.  But, the interaction I had with her in her silly mood this afternoon was so much fun.  We played with a ball, which kept her giggling hard.  We read books (wow, she loves to read.)  She played peek-a-boo and "I run away, you chase me".  So much fun!  She's been making a very close bond with Angela and let us know at the school reading program after school today, that she would rather be with Angela and didn't want to leave with me!  I hear her crying again now, and think I may just go drop her off over at her new best friends house!

26.  crawling out of bed to a waiting crockpot with steelcut oats, last minute accepted invite to walk to the beach, warm banana muffin comfort


sheena said...

Ahhhhhh... so lovely to hear of your winter date at the beach. "Precious memories," Grandma Lavine used to say. So good to share your babies with the rest of us, too. It's beautiful how our children bind us together even stronger than ever! Love to you and your growing family, Janet. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

yes, I'm loving growing up with the next generation ;) It was a very fun outing. Always thankful for some exercise and an excuse to be in nature. Sorry you had to endure some tears, but I have to admit, her attention to me gives me sheer delight! We'll have to watch that, because how could I ever refuse such cuteness? I don't ever mind holding a baby who loves to be held, oh yeah, except when my baby is big and I'm making supper, or cleaning or getting out the door, or, or, or... haha