Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Neve!

Dear Neve,
So much fun to celebrate your 1st birthday this weekend.  Kellen and Lanelle love to be excited about your new things (like walking!) and they were super excited that you turned 1 year old!  Kellen asked what words you will start saying now.  Whenever he has asked when you will start talking, we tell him you'll talk when your 1.  I think he thought you will magically start talking on your birthday.  You do say a few things:  mama, dada, banananana, nell...and you parrot some words.  Like tonight when I threw you up in the air and you wanted more.  I told you to say "up" and then I would.  You said it perfectly.

You walk like a pro now.  And you LOVE to do the stairs.  You love books, especially Brown Bear.  I love how you giggle when I start to read to you.  You love the old toy phone whose eyes wiggle when you pull it across the floor.  You love carebears, and suck on their noses.  You like bathtime very much.  You head for the bathroom quickly when you hear the water.  You really dislike toques, hats, or hoods.  Oh, they make you so furious.  Getting diaper changes make you pretty mad too.  You like to be where your brother and sister are.  If they are downstairs and you're not, you let me now how mad it makes you by standing at the gate and shaking it hard while howling.  You are so fun when you wake up in the morning and clap, clap, clap, and babble your happy sounds.  I love your smiling face beside me in the morning.

you ate your whole iced pineapple muffin at the birthday party!
You act pretty serious when others are around.  But, when its just us at home, you are just a big goof.  I like your sense of humor already.  Like when I asked you for a kiss, and you turned up your nose and ignored me.  Then, you turned and leaned in with your forehead and bonked my forehead, and you laughed!  You make me laugh when you take food from my hand, and then put it into my mouth - you think its so funny to feed me.  Tonight you were making yourself giggle, sticking out your tongue and playing with it.  You are so cute.

We are so thankful for you and all the joy you bring to our family.  You are so very loved by us all.


Davis Family said...

Oh my a year old!! Wow. Happy birthday Neve. We haven't met you yet - we need to remedy that!

Angela said...

so wonderful! I love these birthday memoirs you create, priceless!

Moving forward - Looking for the Joy! said...

Aw. It was such a little gift to see Neve on her birthday.