Thursday, January 12, 2012

Living the trivial

Sometimes when I stop by this space, I am struck by how trival it is here.  But, sometimes I am struck with how vastly deep this simple life of mine, of ours, really is.  As I search for where to start tonight, and that feeling comes over me, I think about inasmuch.  Her words caught me at the right time, when I needed to be reminded that the mothering and homemaking are so far from trivial.  Living in joy and thankfulness and communion is, well, I want to say, powerful.  Pausing and savoring the moments of brother and sister building Legos is beautiful.  And my heart skips beats watching them savor a crazy warm day in January when they take the neighbour's idea to try sail a boat in the moving water.  I know they will remember this afternoon where joy was beaming on their face.

 A trivial joy of mine is seeing this bag sitting in living room.  Perhaps the object could be considered trivial, but I do think its gorgeous!  But what's inside are memories and treasures, to know these knitting needles were held by my Grandma and this little bits of half finished projects and skeins were worked with her hands.  Those dreams to keep my current working project in here, just hasn't happened yet, because it just hasn't seemed right to dump the current contents out.  Some quiet afternoon I'll have to sit with it and move things out of it with thoughtfulness and prepare it to hold some new projects.

I'm growing with this joy dare I've taken.  Things seem somehow calmer.  So, I think I will just keep adding to the list the little trivial things that are really so far from trivial.

7. kisses, forgiveness, smiles
8. moon behind pines, laughter at crazy hair, glimmer of the moon travelling on railway tracks,
9.  connection with friends and sister holding the receiver, him purusing cookbook pictures
10.  sun glowing, baby toy jingling bringing smiles, pen recording,
11.  words that dig, supportive friend hugs, words that build
12.  the promises that keep eyes upward, this house being our HOME, love being shared with smiles
13.  washer humming, sewing machine whirring, music joyfilled

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Moving forward - Looking for the Joy! said...

Living the trivial is THE most important job in life. You've got it right! Mm Mm Good!!