Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Prayers Needed

My heart is so heavy right now. My Mom has been calling me with updates on my Uncle Stan who is very sick. The last news I have received is not looking good. Please pray for him in surgery right now. Pray for his family. Pray for Maxine who has also just lost her dad this week. For more info, check out Stephen's blog:

Update 5:45pm:
Uncle Stan has made it through surgery, but may have to undergo more tomorrow. They are still worried about him through tonight. Please continue to remember him and his family.

Update 7:50pm
Mom just called. He has been transferred to Regina. It is very critical as his kidneys are not working well. I am going to pack up Kellen and go in. Please pray.


HMcM said...

Praying, praying for him and the whole family.


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

Janet, Know that you are in our prayers. Hope that the surgery brings better news.

Love you,
Leah and Craig