Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I love my toes!

Kellen loves to chew on his toes. I think he is trying to master this skill before he moves on to the next one. I took this video at camp a few weeks ago. He was suppose to be going to sleep and when I checked on him, he had gotten his foot out of his sleeper somehow and was having a great time with his toes. Cousin Nolan (2 yrs) saw Kellen with his toes in his mouth and told Grandma on him. So Grandma asked if he could do it. He looked very puzzled, laid down, got his foot in his mouth, and was pleased with himself.

Anyhow, this video may bore some. It is longer than it needs to be (I should learn how to edit them, if its possible?!) But for those who don't get to and would like to see Kellen in action, here he is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeZGosDZL_k


Anonymous said...

"Kellen- Uh-oh! Mommy look- Kellen bad! Uh-oh mommy kellen eat his toes mommy. Kellen NO! Kellen- I kiss you! *KISS* (mom's computer screen) Kellen hi. Kellen Stop IT!
Uh oh! Kellen all gone. where he go? bye kellen"
Direct quotes by NOLAN

Ian said...

It is a good thing to get over putting your foot in your mouth early in life and to be able to enjoy doing this is probably a bonus. Way to go Kellan. (Greatings from Ian and Ruth in France.)