Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today I went to my friend/coworker wedding at Katepwa beach (beautiful location for a wedding). Since I have been married I always view weddings differently. Almost a time of renewal for my own vows. She said some beautiful things about her parents love & commitment to each other and her thankfulness for it. And she got choked up, which made me tear up. Anyhow it made me thankful for all the good in the world, especially happy marriages, faithfulness, steadfastness, and love. Something I needed after a rocky week and a rocky day. With Uncle Stan being so critically ill, it is hard to complain about anything in my life. But, with our truck being broken into and wrecked, a messy flood in our laundry room and running down our stairs (my fault) and a fight with my husband...I was frustrated with life today. But with love in the air tonight, I will remember the good in the world. It is so amazing to see all the people that are praying for Uncle Stan tonight. I thank God for faith, hope, and love.

And since this is All About Kellen yes he did pretty good tonight at the wedding and entertained the whole table. He especially flirted with the girls at the table, giving them lots of smiles and laughs. unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no cute pics of the day.

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