Saturday, July 15, 2006

Girls Week

Kellen was the youngest camper at Girls Week. He did really well, despite too little sleep and too many mosquito bites. He had lots of good care from his Grandma while I was busy canoeing or doing other games with the girls. He had lots of Aunties also to take good care of him. Jenn was directing, Kathy was a teacher, and Sarina was in the kitchen. Jenn did an amazing job of running camp. It was an awesome week.
Kellen loved his bath time as much as ever in a rubbermaid tub.

He came to the waterslides but stuck to the moat...more his pace, for now. But, I'm thinking he'll be a wild man like his dad soon. In the swing at camp he didn't like nice easy swinging. He only liked it if I lifted him high and let the swing go hard. Yep, I think he's a crazy.

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