Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Stuff

Last weekend we went skiing with Tim and Sarina. Kellen slowed his mommy down a little but I got in some skiing too.
Kellen apparently gets motion sick. He got somewhat lethargic on the way up in the gondola and then puked. Luckily the guys we were riding up with were very understanding and even quick about handing me some napkins they had. As soon as we were on the ground and breathing fresh air, his color started coming back.

Gotta grow into his daddy's goggles.
I have been loving the spring weather this weekend, as has Kellen. He goes to the back door, whines, and pulls out his rubber boots. Like a true little boy, he goes right for the puddles, so we went through lots of clothes this weekend.

I've got lots of stuff in my head that I have been thinking about writing. As soon as I have a quiet day at home, I'll find some time to sit down and blog again!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updated Janet... I was going through nephew withdrawal... I was getting the shakes... I needed more photos...So thanks! Are you guys coming in for Homecoming this wkd? Hope to see you! Love, Andrea

armacleod said...

That's an impressive mess he has going there. Very cute! It would be kewl to meet up with you at homecoming. This year's my year!

melissa said...

I can't believe how big and cute he is! Our puddle adventures will be next spring!