Friday, March 02, 2007

Yummy Snow

I enjoyed my day off. Took a nap with Kellen. Made muffins. Put a moose roast in the oven. Went for a walk with Kellen. Took pictures of all the snow we've had lately. Kellen decided to try eating it.
Several times.
Even though he made a funny face each time he took a lick.

Too bad his daddy didn't get to see the snow eating adventure. He spent the day fixing the leaky toliet. 3 trips to the hardware store, but it is fixed.

Ian is working a normal 40-hr week. 4-10 hr days. I hope this could last through the summer, not likely, but I can wish. For today, I just enjoyed all of us together. Relaxing and enjoying the coziness of a quiet day. I think all this snow is kinda yummy too.

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Sarina said...

Hi Janet!

Nice to see some more pics of the little guy. Are you finding it hard to take time to blog now that you're back to work? That first picture of Kellen with the house in the background is taken from a cool angle. He looks so cute with the snow on his face too! Is he still enjoying his hockey stick?