Saturday, July 14, 2007

Girls Week

I've been feeling like the summer is going by way too fast and I'm not getting to enjoy it enough. But, after downloading all the pictures from the last couple of months, I realize how much we have done and how fun the summer has been so far! Girls week at Kenossee Camp was definately a highlight. Although after one experience with a couple of girls in the canoe...I really didn't want to play with those girls anymore! But, I remembered that growing up can be tough and sometimes at that age it is difficult to control your emotions and act as you should. I decided to let the frustration of that evening go. It's all good memories now. Even going out again to help 2 canoes that had troubles with the wind...after I was exhausted from fighting the wind back once was all an adventure! Thank God the wind died down at the perfect time for us to all get back! Kellen had his first experience with waterslides. Hopefully he'll forget and get over his fear. He was NOT happy when he got a face full of water and only enjoyed watching from a distance after that.
He spent many hours behind Nolan's lawn mower.
Having a snack before brunch. I should have got a video of these 2 when they first saw each other in the much excitement and a BIG hug every morning. It was so cute!
What a goof. He's learning what a camera is about.

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Maxine said...

I think Kellen did a little too much mowing. He has that grass mowed down to nothin!! :-)