Monday, July 23, 2007

Kellen's Latest

Kellen would prefer to eat fruit all day. I caught him munching on a plum before I put our Good Food Box away. He ate the whole thing without taking it away from his mouth (except for the few moments of screaming when I grabbed it to get the pit).

But the more significant news to report...Kellen slept through the night last night. He didn't wake up once! What did we do to acheive this? Nothing, really. Was it just a lucky night? Perhaps, but I'm holding my breath for tonight, hoping that we are entering a new phase.

I left Kellen and Ian overnight on Friday and enjoyed a scrapbooking/stamping retreat. Maybe that helped. Although he had still got up twice for me Saturday night. Anyhow, I may have to find reasons to leave overnight again to see if that brought on the lucky(?) night.

So, big news, eh? I'm sure all other parents can feel my excitement. Any guesses as to the likelihood of a continuing trend of more uninterupted sleep?


Heather said...

Well I hope the all night sleeping is a trend not a "one nighter". Hope your feeling well and Kellen has gotten over his mosquito bites from camp - love all the pictures!

Julia said...

so? did the through-the-night sleeping continue? Such a long wait for a good night's sleep! I keep hoping Jedd might do the same, but he's still waking up every couple or 3 h. Zzzzzz....

Laurie said...

Wow you must of felt so refreshed without waking up through the night......not sure if I remember how that feels LOL

A scrapbooking retreat sounds LOVELY!! Let me know next time :)