Wednesday, August 01, 2007

From the Niedermayers

Our next door neighbour, Iris, got home from her visit to BC. She spent some time with her grandsons, Scott and Rob. They were nice enough to send Kellen a very special shirt. Not sure if I'll want to let Kellen wear this one. I'm sure there will be many shirts that I try to get marker out of, but I don't want this marker to wash away.

Uncle Tim, Kellen wants to know if you're jealous.
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TKP from Estevan said...

This is not "Uncle Tim" but a different Tim - and I am totally jealous - does that count??? :)

That is very cool!

Ian said...

Kellen looks good but the t-shirt isn't a Montreal Canadiens shirt.

Eric said...

Don't have to be ducks fan to find this gift particularly cool. I am in awe of your sons connections already.