Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beautiful Music

I told Ian while I was trying to get Kellen to sleep last night that I drafted a blog in my head, but "don't worry I won't post it and embarrass you." His reply? "Why not? I could use some good PR!"

I have had a long, trying week with a sick boy who is not sleeping well. I haven't probably said how good his sleeping has been in the last month. Putting him to bed is a 5 minute process and he only is up briefly once or twice a night. Not this week. Getting to sleep is closer to a 3 hr ordeal and he is up fussing too many times. After I would get him to sleep I'd fall asleep before I got any dishes or housework done, knowing that I had to get up early for work.

Last night it was 10pm when Kellen was finally sleeping. The deep breathing, although it sounded a little congested, was beautiful music to my ears. The noise in the background made it a perfect symphony - the dishes being done. I didn't even have to ask. I had heard Ian talking on the phone for a long time (mostly about hunting, of course) and then he said he should really go and help his wife who had a long week.

Ian thought my thankfulness was a little much, it was just dishes after all. No husband should underestimate the powerful statement of doing dishes. It is beautiful music to a tired, pregnant mom's ears. Okay, maybe it does sound a little exagerated when I write it, but I'm sure others out there can agree with me, right? (Especially if you don't have a dishwasher!) Anyhow, it's good to have Ian home for the weekend and Kellen seems more like himself this morning. We're off to go to the Farmer's Market!


Laurie said...

I would have to to the ears!

Hope this week you get more sleep!

Take Care

Eric said...

Just remember that this too will pass as you struggle with getting Kellen to sleep. I remember beating one thing only to have it reoccur at a later point.

My wife would like me to learn a lesson from Ian now. I'm hoping I get to decide which lesson.

Anonymous said...

Oh I knew that Ian was going to be a good husband. Thanks for taking the chance! Ha! LaWanda

melissa said...

Nothing in the world is better than someone else doing dishes!

Anonymous said...

Ohh that reminds me- Sarina is coming home tommorrow and the dishes are stacked to the roof.