Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things that make me smile.

Grandpa Gerry visited us and we made a special stack of pancakes with our chokecherry syrup and saskatoons. Both things make me smile. Lanelle did not eat her stack, just in case you were concerned, she borrowed mine for fun.
Grandpa Bill also visited and Lanelle fell asleep on him - with no crying. Amazing. I smiled again. She loves him.

This smile can't help but make everyone smile, I think. Lanelle crawls now and is happy about that. She also likes to stand on things, but she doesn't quite have the hang of that.

The space we are enjoying in our new house is also making me smile. I should take pictures soon, but you would still have to ignore the boxes and empty walls.

Preschool gym night started again tonight for the winter. Kellen loves it and Lanelle enjoyed watching everyone run.

It was a rainy cold depressing day today, but we were invited over for a play time at friends place who knew it would be a long day for Kellen and his mommy without a change of scenery. I am so thankful for friends that make me smile.

Kellen started at a preschool this week and loved it. There were no tears. I was told "sorry, but he didn't miss you at all, mom!" He sang "autumn leaves are falling down" the rest of the day. And he stops often to point out his "punkin" craft on the fridge. I will have a couple hours twice a week that will be more productive. So many reasons to smile.
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jenn with two n's said...

Loved this post with things that make you smile--I'm smiling just having read it! I couldn't get over the first pic with Kellen nad Lanelle. Kellen barely looks like a toddler, so grown up! Lanelle too looks a lot older, of course standing tends to do that.