Monday, January 05, 2009

Kenana Knitter Critter

Here's my favorite gift I gave this Christmas. It was kind of last minute and didn't actually arrive in time, but Lanelle didn't notice it was late! This lion was knit in Kenya with local home spun wool, dyed with plants grown in gardens. Learn more about the knitters here. It came signed by the knitter - Margaret Mukami!!! You probably know Margaret is Lanelle's middle name and the name of both my Grandmas. So I was so excited when I saw the name! It is my favorite knitter critter ever and I'm working hard to make sure Lanelle gets attached to it.

I ordered it from parentingbynature and would highly recommend them. I've bought their diapers too and they are super helpful.

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jenn with two n's said...

They are pretty beautiful--McNally Robinson was also selling them in S'toon.