Friday, September 10, 2010

cozy days.

I'd rather tell myself we are having cozy days instead of rainy days. I asked yesterday at work, "what would go well with hot chocolate and marshmallows for supper?" Well, we had creamy zuchinni soup. But, at the super table I enjoyed when Kellen said, "I think we should have hot chocolate tonight!"

Anyhow, earlier this morning it was looking like another cozy day. But now I see the sun shining and Kellen is asking if we can go to the beach - maybe! We'll have a good one whatever we do - the weekend has begun in our house!


Julia said...

please post recipe for creamy zucchini soup!! I have so much zucchini I don't know what to do. I am making zucchini relish tonight. I have frozen some, made cake, fried it, grilled it, served with sour cream sauce, in soup, in sauce, as a pancake, raw, aaaahhh!! Plus I've given away tonnes.

Davis Family said...

One of our favourite snacks on colder days is popcorn and hot chocolate or cocoa in our house. Think of us when you have your cozy day! Imagine a big cozy hug too!