Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Moving (soft) muscle

Okay, maybe muscles don't get soft, but I'm definitely softer where I used to have more. It's been a hard stage to fit in taking care of myself by getting the exercise I need.

So reading chapter 5 today made me laugh. I liked her mentioning the squats while blow drying her hair, because I do that too, all the time! I figure it's better than nothing. But I miss the exhilaration of a really good run or spin class.

Well, today I got to ski by myself! A good, hard hour. I almost didn't because my skis really need to be waxed and I knew I would find that annoying. And it was really windy. But I went, and I almost turned around without doing the whole loop, worrying about being out of shape for the distance. I was so thankful that I went and that I kept going, it was amazing (though I'm thinking I'll really be feeling it tomorrow!)

So reading Holley Gerth's words about how we too often don't start things, having excuses of it not being the perfect time, really hit home. I came very close to missing out on an amazing time that gave me improved outlook on life and some confidence I needed, just because of some wind and wax!

So, I'll be paying attention, catching myself when I start making excuses. I don't want to miss out on good things.

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