Friday, October 20, 2006

Grandpa Cecil

Kellen & I drove down to Midale yesterday to visit Great Grandpa Cecil. Bill & Mary were off on a little trip for a couple of weeks. Cecil told me he is very much looking forward to Mary getting back and taking him home. They didn't feed him supper until almost midnight last night! But he did admit he might have exaggerated a little..."it was probably more like 10." Mostly he seemed to be doing very well. He said he was so tired but he stayed awake for 2 hours visiting us. I was so glad we went, he was so excited when we arrived. He reached for Kellen and exclaimed "this is the one I've been waiting to see!" He probably announced 10 times that he was sure glad I had drove the boy down to see him, and he supposed it was nice that his mother had come too!
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Maxine said...

You have a sweet heart for people, Janet. I know how much your visit must have meant to Grandpa Cecil because we know how much your visits mean to us, too.

Heimdahl said...

Thank you for visiting him and for posting the pictures. Despite looking his age now I see the expression I remember as a kid when he was playing with any of the younger cousins and telling stories and making us alll laugh.