Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy, Happy...

Kellen's Update:
  1. Very, very happy lately. Lots of smiles and laughs. (I'm so glad this side of Kellen is back now that the teeth came through.)
  2. First flu (?) last night. Vomit all over the wall beside his crib. He continued to throw up repeatedly for an hour until he collapsed in a deep sleep. Very scary. I laid on the bed and watched him sleep for a long time before I could go to sleep. He looked so pale. But, they sure do bounce back fast! He was happy, happy this morning!
  3. He learned how to scoot himself backward while sitting up. Goes in circles very well.
  4. Loves to eat (not surprising considering who his father is). New favorite: sweet potato. I've been trying to teach him the sign for "more", but he communicates it very well with his scream.

Mom's Update:

  1. Went to a spinning class demo. Love it! NEED to take it!
  2. Frustrated today (for reasons that would just take too long to explain). Something I read really was just what I needed. Wonderful thoughts, so well

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Davis Family said...

What a great photo! He sure looks happy.