Sunday, April 22, 2007

Still Growing

Time to post some pictures of Kellen. I'm sure that's what some of you may be checking for?! I haven't even taken many lately. This is what most look like...mad face because mom won't give him the camera! I have to sneak up on him to get a good picture.
He's learned some new games. A favorite being filling up a basket and emptying it again. This can go on forever... See how serious he is about the task.
He is definately his parents' child. He loves to be outside and will bring his shoes to us to let us know when its time to go outside. I'm pretty sure he is saying "shoes". Kinda sounds like "shes". I'll add it to his "list". The public health nurse told me he should have 5 words by now. "Would I like him referred to a speech pathologist?" "No? Well, then, at 18 months he should have 10 words or we'll be referring him." So, I'm making a list of "words" he says. Doesn't this sound crazy to anyone else? I would think language develops normally at a variety of rates. And, if he is his mothers son, he may not speak well until he is 4! Also, I think he communicates quite well in many ways. He uses the sign for "more" a lot these days. I think his concept of it is "give me want I want". At least I know he is really trying to communicate something to me when he uses it.
Kellen loves dogs. Has absolutely no fear of them. A lick from a dog is delightful to him. Yuck.
His favorite thing lately is brooms. Entertaining for hours. He seems to find a broom wherever we are visiting.

That's Kellen's update for now. He's changing so fast. Did I mention he's been walking for almost a month now? Crazy. He's not my baby anymore.


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

yes. it sounds crazy to me! he's already getting referred?! gimme a break! I'm sure Kellen's got so many words rolling around in his head that he just doesn't know which ones to use yet.
nice to see an update! hope you're doing well

Davis Family said...

Oh if I could get my hands on that health nurse I'd say some things that I forgot to say to the last health nurse that looked at Bronwyn!
Ignore them - seriously babies don't have to follow the required timelines! Kellen is way to young for anyone to be worrying.
Personally I thought he was great - just about perfect for his age. You and Ian are doing a great job!

ourfamilytoyours said...

Hi Janet. This is Jamie(Klatt). Our 2nd son, Simon, took alot longer to talk than Micah(our oldest) did. Once he started to talk there was no stopping him. Simon is now 2 1/2 and talks non-stop. Children all progress at different rates. Some, like Simon, take it all in for awhile before they start to let it all out. I am sure that Kellen is the same way.

Kellen is alot different than my boys regarding dogs. My boys are both very scared of them.

I check out your blog every once in awhile but don't leave comments too often.