Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What would make you sad?

I heard the very end of an interview on the Gill Deacon show this morning. I think her question was something like "What would it be that you missed out on that would make you sad at the end of your life?" (That seems like a strange question, but I think it was asked more eloquently.)

The answer given was something like...
To not have loved enough. To not have enjoyed life enough. To not have taken advantage of the little moments. To not have appreciated people.

What a good reminder for me to keep perspective on life. Sometimes I think about all the things I want to go do and see. I feel like I miss out sometimes. But truly the sad thing would be not loving every moment I have and not seeing beauty in it. It made me glad that this morning I ignored the messy kitchen, the unmade beds, the laundry, the dirty floor... and I found so much joy playing outside with Kellen! It was so fun to watch him try to walk up and down the hills in the park.

It was a beautiful morning and a couple other moms were out with their kids. I had a cup of coffee with me and good company...a perfect morning! Kellen actually played with Mason. It's amazing to see him learning how to interact. (Although he did make a few mistakes...like hitting him sticks a few times.)
See Mason up at the top? Kellen tried hard to keep up, but he's just a little guy still! I loved his determination. He never gave up or got frustrated. He was yelling saying his usual blabber. I imagined he was yelling at Mason "Slow down! Wait for me!"

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