Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I wish I were little

I felt it was time to write something profound. But I'm too tired. Kellen was up most of the night and decided it was morning at 5:45am. Ugh. All I can think about tonight is how nice it would be to be little and to have no cares.
I've been thinking lots today about how the world works. I visited with an old summer student I had a couple years ago. He thinks he needs to be ready to defend his land, because he predicts in 100 years global warming with force people to the prairies. He would like to go into the military to be trained to fight. Crazy, eh? Well, the crazy thing was that he believes nobody will make changes to stop global warming and change his prediction, including himself admittedly. We had quite the conversation and in the end I think he saw my point that preaching doom and gloom was pointless if he wasn't going to take steps to improve things and be a positive leader. Anyhow, wouldn't it be nice to be 1 yr and not have to think about it?
And wouldn't it be nice to put your feet up on the kitchen table during supper if you felt like it?


armacleod said...

Yeah me too. I wish I were little again. Wake up when I really felt like it and no worry about problems. I envy what you have right now Kellen. But I also know that you are growing up in amazing ways too!

Anonymous said...

Isn it a funny thing though- how much kids want to grow up & fast? Also- how they protest what adults would love to have- sleep!