Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kellen's New Cousin

Kellen has a new cousin! He arrived May 3 and I patiently waited for his parents to report before jumping in! Check out their blog to see pictures of Ayden. I was so excited to meet him, so we made a quick, and well worth it trip down there this afternoon. I wish I had pics to post of Grandma and her 4 grandchildren. I forgot my camera, and although we were only 2 minutes from the house when I realized it, Ian wouldn't turn around!

Kellen didn't think too much of his cousin today. He has a big tooth pushing through and was GROUCHY!! It's fun to imagine how much fun Nolan, Kellen, and Ayden will have together as they get a little older. Well, maybe that's kinda scary too!

Congratulations to Papa Jeff, Mama Jenn, Big Sister Kayla, and Big Brother Nolan!

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