Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Any Practical Food Blogs?

Reading sister Jenn's post today got me thinking again. As much as I love reading wonderful food blogs such as this or this one with great pictures, really, do I ever have time or the ingredients to cook these recipes? Rarely or practically never. I like Jenn's quick meal, because that's more and more of what I do lately (Except for the shake and bake - have you read how much salt is in that? I'd make my own seasoning mix. Sorry Jenn.) Tonight Kellen and I had deer sausage, roasted cubed sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Nothing fancy but healthy and tasty. And very much kid friendly. Prep time minimal so that I could pay attention to the demanding boy under my feet who had been at the sitters all day.

Where are the food blogs that would be of assistance to the majority of us? The normal people who aren't chefs. I really like this blog that has 5 weekly recipes and a shopping list to go along with it. Wouldn't that be handy? Too bad for me that it's vegan, since I don't want to go that route. Last week I was talking to a mom who actually does a weekly menu and grocery shopping list. I would love to be that organized. Wouldn't you? I think I have to do it. No more thinking about it. That's why I'm saying it here. Now I'll have to do it - a practical food blog. Maybe, hopefully, even with a shopping list. Maybe then I would finally get more organized with our meals. Tomorrow is my last day of work for this year (and only 7 days in January!!!). I should start soon... Hmm, it's so easy to put things off. If I get it off the ground, I'll let you know, maybe. Would you use my ideas Jenn? (Maybe I should tell you that we had curry carrots and tofu last night...are you still interested?)


Anonymous said...

Go for it- i'll try to use some of your ideas- except for tofu- that is a train I just can't seem to get on. The curry part sounds great.

Too much salt hey?!?! Even a thin coating??- come on, there's no other salt in the whole meal??? :-) You dieticians- so hard to please!! It won't be a 10 minute meal if you have to make your own coating, will it? Maybe you should start with a recipe for that- tweak my meal, so to speak.
And for the salt- if I counter it with an aerobics class, don't I need to replenish the salt I lost??
I just won't give :-)
I love you- really I do. Are you gonna delete my comment??

pella said...

yummy - i love that smitten kitchen link! thanks for sharing! I'm inspired.

Go for it Janet!! I would love to read a food blog by you with great eating suggestions. Recipes with a shopping list is an awesome suggestion!