Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kitty Love

We finally got a new battery charger, so I have pictures again. Kellen has changed so much in a month. He has become very attached to Kitty. Very funny to see him get very concerned and pretend wail when Kitty "falls" (with some help) on the floor. It think its the first time I've really recognized him pretend playing.

I've been enjoying my day off, but finding that there is never enough time. I'm trying to remind myself of the things I did get done instead of feeling frustrated by all the things I didn't. Lunch took some time, since I tried a new recipe - Cranberry Chicken Stew. I think it might be time for a recipe post soon. Anyhow, I promised Kellen we'd go play in the snow when he woke up, so I'd better take him out before it's dark.
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armacleod said...

He has such an amazing smile. When you were in Toon Town, I was impressed with the guy. He looks like his dad as well.

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's sweet. I wonder if that will be his 'security toy'?
Auntie jenn

Maxine said...

What a sweet boy! He'll be good company for his sister!

Ian said...

So is it really going to be a girl?