Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taking a Minute

Seems that lately I've forgotten to take a minute and look at all the blessings in my life. Don't know how I can forget to do that when the 2 biggest blessings in my life are constantly demanding my attention. Oh, wait they ARE the reasons I forget to count blessings.
Kellen has been constantly asking WHY lately. I understand on a whole new level now why parents complain about this. The occasional "why" is really cute. But the same "why" 50 times a day is truly driving me crazy. I tried explaining every way possible why daddy works. I tried ignoring. I tried distractions. I even sent him to sit on his bed when he asked for the 51st time after many warnings to quit. Driving to Regina yesterday I heard many whys. Why we going to see Grandma? Why we drive on this road? Why that building there? Why that truck driving? Why he doing that? Why we drive on the train tracks? Why we drive on THIS road? If he doesn't quit soon, he'll be asking why is mother is crazy.
Anyhow, they are both sleeping right now and I was sorting pictures. Seeing them was making me feel so lucky and I realized I have been letting myself get too frustrated lately with them. I just wish there was more time in the day...more time for me, more time to do all the things that I want to and think I should do. I think if there was more time I wouldn't get so frustrated at times. But there's not, so I am committing to having more realistic expectations and enjoying life more as it is. I'll try to remember Roberta's "perfect" sentiments. I need to remember that.


J'nea said...

Get used to the WHY qustions. I don'ty think it every stops. I get it from 4 kids all day long. At least you only have one that can talk so far.


armacleod said...

Well maybe in a while the why's will become even more complicated questions and then you'll know why he's been asking all the why's. Or maybe not. Those pictures are fun!