Monday, December 10, 2012


These are the pictures I tried to post the other night. First time getting them out on their new skis. Kellen did amazing! Lanelle fell a whole lot less than he did at her slow and steady pace. It was fun to ski with kellen at a pretty decent pace, I learned to stay a ways behind him because he sure was falling a lot as he pushed himself. He sure had fun and really didn't want to turn back, making my heart happy.

So beautiful to have a family adventure. Other than the 1 year old whose hands got too cold since she refuses to leave mitts on. But I guess all is well that ends well. She finally fell asleep and quit wailing the last 5 minutes. I was able to calm down and enjoy the last few minutes, so it's all good :) This helping them learn to love skiing sure requires a lot of patience.

Funny these are iPhone photos, but I can't add them from the computer. Which would be fine, but I really don't like that I don't have control from the blogger app on my phone where the pictures are inserted and I can't choose the order they I still would love some advice on solutions...?

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Andrea said...

Love your babies!!