Thursday, December 07, 2006


I always ask Kellen where his clappers are. He loves to clap when he gets excited.

I haven't had Kellen in the swing for months but I hadn't put it away yet. So I gave him one last ride in it. He clapped and seemed to enjoy it, for a few minutes anyhow.

The other day I was watching Oprah and he was on the floor busily playing by himself. When the audience clapped, Kellen's head snapped up and he began to clap along with them. I was kind of impressed with how quickly he recognized the noise and joined in. I think he's so smart...hee, hee!

Oprah was about the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Heard of it? Check it out. Made me even more concerned about the health of our planet. It convinced me to buy energy saving light bulbs. I clap for Mr. Gore.


jenn with two n's said...

That's great! I like that you call them his clappers. I have no doubt that he is very smart.

I watched that episode too! Yep we have those lightbulbs and they work great and do a good job. We should probably check our furnace filter soon. There are things we can do.

John and Angie said...

That's cool- we were all watching that episode together! I clap for Al Gore, too. The documentary is great.


Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Kellen, he is sooo cute!

pella said...

I have energy efficient bulbs. They are cheap at ikea and they are so great. We noticed a huge drop in our bills, immediately. Plus the colour of the lighting is still nice. And they come in a range of sizes and bulb ends. ALL of the bulbs in our house are these.

Lately I've been trying to use other products, like micro fibre dusting clothes (no chemicals, just wash) and a brand "method" has nice less harmful, pretty smelling stuff too! Try their toilet wipes (eucalyptus &mint)!

Anonymous said...

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