Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No pictures

We have no fun pictures to share. Neither Kellen nor I have been up to having our pictures taken. I am finally coming back from my near death (okay so it was only a cold, but a bad one). Kellen is coughing bad now so we are going to the dr this afternoon. I just thought I would remind all you healthy people to enjoy your health and the ability to breath freely. Every time I have such a bad cold I think I will never forget to enjoy every congestion free breath I take for the rest of my life. But then after a few days of health, it's easy to take it for granted again.

I have not left the house since Saturday, when I only went out to get something for my sore throat. I have been thinking about how hard it would be for someone who has a chronic illness and who is always confined and so limited to what they can do. How hard that would be. I feel like I'm going crazy after a few days.

On Sunday, while my dear husband did the dishes, I laid on the couch and watched a stupid show about ghosts. I think I have an over active imagination after I watch stupid scary shows, because I was having a really hard time leaving the safety of my bedroom to go the possibly ghost infected kitchen to get a glass of water. (Am I the only one with this problem after a scary show?) I of course used all my resources (prayer for safety and my husband) to get my glass of water. I thought about people who have real fears and obsessive compulsive disorders that control their life. That would be really hard to live with.

I remembered a girl in one of my abnormal psych classes at York College. She had just gotten happily married and they were such a cute lovey-dovey couple. Schizophrenia was one of the disorders we were studying. This girl was absent for a while and when she came back she looked very glassy eyed and not bubbly self. I heard that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia (i hope i'm not lying, maybe it was another disorder). I sometimes think about her and wonder how she is. I wonder if they are still married. I can't even imagine having to go through that (myself or as the spouse).

I am thankful that my health will soon be better and I will forget about the scary ghost. I may forget to be thankful for each easy breath I take. I hope I will not forget my renewed conviction to help and to be understanding of the sick of body or mind.


jenn with two n's said...

I can tell you that body, mind and spirit are so closely tied. My overall healing is getting better as my body starts to heal. I hope you will be back to yourself soon.

Sarina said...

I laughed when I read your story about watching a scary show and then being scared of "ghosts" in the kitchen...mostly because I have a very overactive imagination too! I remember watching What Lies Beneath in the theatre and actually crying I was scared so bad (this was in university). Anyways, hope you and Kellen feel better soon!

Laurie said...

Hope the two of you are continuing to feel better! I do admit I don't envy such a rough cold/flu!

Take it easy!
Laurie B.

pella said...

Oh my goodness Janet that is no fun being sick. The last time I was REALLY REALLY sick was a couple years ago and I remember Sarah & I each lying in our beds and talking to each other, "do you wanna go downstairs and watch a movie"? And we'd both agree that was too much work! Isn't it wonderful to have a body that works :)
Now for anything scary, slightly gore-y, or intense. I try to avoid it all together. It never seems to leave my imagination and I end up worried for days. When I was in Japan one of my students was a widow and she loved to see movies with ghosts. So whenever she went to the theatre she'd invite me along. Not seeing any previews ahead I would say "ok". The first movie, Sixth Sense! Yieckss...Second movie, Meet Joe Black. Living alone in Japan, on the first floor apartment I decided it was best if I didn't accept her invitations to the movies again. Hah hah...And even now I have a hard time watching CSI - just too scary, crime replayed over and over.
Oopsss...this is really long :)

John and Angie said...

Hey Janet,

I just found you in B world. And the first post I read says that you are apparently still afraid of the dark.



Jen M said...

Hey Janet! I am sorry you both have been sick and was especially disappointed that you weren't able to come to Moose Jaw. Hopefully you are on the mend and soon the sickness will be behind you.

And I called home 3 times :)