Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whoops! Another First!

Kellen did a face plant this morning. He was just crawling along, when...whoops! It's his first bloody, fat lip. Very upsetting for both of us. Good thing it happened at mom's group, so we had lots of help in dealing with it. I know its just the first of many more to come. Guess, I'm glad this first is over with. Not sure why its so exciting that I had to post about it, but it was a big deal this morning. Decided not to take a picture, some firsts just don't need to be remembered.


pella said...

oh - ouch - that's no fun. I'm sure there were lots of hugs and kisses. Blessings!

Jen M said...

I feel your pain (or Kellen's I guess) and Caden and I are here - on the same path as you are - just a few steps behind. Isn't it amazing how we feel our baby's pain? It's only just begun (the joys and the hurts) but what a wonderful trip it will be!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Check the wee b'y's DNA. There may be more of this to come . . . Gary told us about a girl that managed to roll a four-wheeler, and I know a boy who had a similar facial fracture!
Thanks for the blog Janet.
Grandpa loves it too
Love, mary/mum