Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spider Man Sleeps

Here's my spider man, ready to save the world... as long as I help him walk to where he needs to go! He's starting to walk along a few things. No sign of interest in crawling, no matter how much I beg and plead.
Some people have asked me how he's sleeping since I last posted about sleep. I haven't updated, because it changes so fast, I'm never sure what to say. I have learned to trust my senses. I'm glad I did all the reading I did, because it definately gave me ideas and some direction. However, in the end it's never as clear as some authors make it sound. I tried the gradual, no cry approach, but that was 2 steps forward, 2 steps back... When I felt he was ready to sleep better at night, because he was napping really well and going to sleep on his own, I tried letting him cry it out at night again, and this time it worked! He cried for 45 minutes at midnight. Slept until 4, when I quickly nursed him and put him right back down. I heard him stir at 6, but he actually went back to sleep on his own! He didn't get up till 8!!! I was a believer. The next night he woke again at midnight, only cried for 2 minutes and repeated another perfect night!

Of course, that didn't last. He went back to his old patterns. It got bad again when we went away for 4 nights. I guess I should have expected it. I spent a week bouncing him to sleep for naps and at his night time wakenings. I couldn't get anything done. He'd wake up as soon as I set him down. Travelling just really messed him up again.

Anyhow, last week one night I thought I should try the cry it out again thing, it didn't work. I gave up after 1.5 hours. I really worked on trying to get him to nap well and go to sleep on his own at nap time. Last night I thought he seemed more content in his crib and decided it was time again to let him cry. Last night was definately better, but he still woke up too many times. So, I've decided there really can't be any miracle cures. I do lots of the recommended stuff. But, I try to mostly pay attention to him and his patterns, and just help him sleep where I can. Getting him to bed in his window of opportunity ("I'm slowing down...but not to the point of I'm rubbing my eyes" stage) is the biggest thing that seems to help. I think he likes sleeping in his new spider man suit too!

Anyhow, now that I've probably lost most readers, I'm sure there are a few (Sarina!) who are interested to learn from my experience. Any other sleep advice, moms?


Monica said...

I'm hoping to learn from you, too! So keep us posted on what works!

Laurie said...

Wow, what a good mommy! :)

How old is he now?

We always struggled with the sleeping through the night thing.....but let me tell you it will happen eventually! :) We mostly did the cry it out thing, but I think my girls were quite a bit older than Kellen. Just listen to your gut, and what you "want" to be doing. Not doing it because other people are telling ya he should be sleeping through. It's a toughy.

My two year old, Sydnie, occasionally still wakes up for no reason but she is fairly simple to settle and put back to sleep. I do think it is easier when nursing is done.

We have some news on our blog :)

Take Care, Love, Laurie

Davis Family said...

Don't they just drive you crazy sometimes?
Gavin has always been a not so good sleeper. Just when I would be despairing that I would never sleep again he'd just start sleeping a bit more.
No matter what I tried it didn't seem to fix or change his sleep patterns. I have learned that with him I just have to be patient and his patterns will change when he is ready.
Right now he is in a sleeping with Mom and Dad pattern! GREAT!

pella said...

I can't share any hints for helping baby's sleeping habits, but whenever I travel it sure throws me off too.

And if I was spiderman I wouldn't be able to sleep either - too cute.